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‘Politicians love the “mega-project”, but the very nature of these projects is that they can be prone to change, largely due to so many stakeholders over a long period of ...

How better harnessing of data can improve project returns

Richard Corderoy, Oakland Group

‘As we come to terms with the new normal, it’s our obligation to try a different approach – or what’s the alternative? Grinding to a halt?’

Digital transformation: locked-down, but far from locked-out

Neil Thompson

‘From my lawyer’s perspective, this reaction to Covid-19 does not smack of collaboration, innovation and sustainability – many issues aren’t being resolved in ways which look after the whole supply ...

Will post-pandemic construction be driven by collaboration, innovation and sustainability?

Sarah Fox

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Buildings Asset Manager, BBSRC, Swindon

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where can the full report be downloaded---similar findings to the NBS report released recently---new technology as a new way of ...

Annual survey: Poor digital skills hold back BIM ...

No surprises here, it would be very interesting to see trends from, say, last five years. To get a glimpse ...

Juri Pelkonen
Annual survey: Poor digital skills hold back BIM ...

So, this research found; '80% of operation, maintenance and replacement costs can be influenced in the first 20% of the ...

Paul Akhurst
7D BIM prototype tool predicts whole-life cost and ...

Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, and is changing the construction culture one robot at a time creating potential reductions ...

Robots performing underground repairs: reality or pipedream?

look forward to joining this

Rachel Jones
Free webinar explores digital platforms for more efficient ...