Image: Fieldwire was used on the $500m Loma Linda University Medical Center in California (www.fieldwire.com)
Image: Jennifer Thompsom/Dreamstime.com
Image: Katerra designed K90, a 24-unit apartment building, to be completed in 90 days near Las Vegas (Trevor DeWitt/Katerra)
Image: nbs.com
Image: The system gathers site data from sensors attached to the hooks of cranes (Øyvind Holmstad/CC BY-SA 4.0)
Image: Mrtwister/Dreamstime.com
Image: Brick & Mortar’s team, Darren Bechtel second from right (Brick & Mortar)
Image: Scanrail/Dreamstime.com
Image: Location of the laboratory near Loch Ness
Image: PlowmanCraven.co.uk
Image: Ricky Deacon/Dreamstime.com
Image: Funtap P/Dreamstime.com
 Image: Inside Factory_OS (Supplied by Autodesk)
Image: Mike2focus/Dreamstime.com
Image: Viorel Dudau/Dreamstime.com