2019 Review: From digital twins to the golden thread – the top 10 most read stories

It’s a potentially massive development for BIM – so the news that a digital golden thread was being proposed to ensure the construction and management of higher rise residential buildings when the government issued its consultation to the Hackett Review dominated the stories you read in 2019.

Of course, since the consultation back in June, we have yet to see the legislation laid out. But now that the election is over, one might expect early in the new year the Bill could be brought before parliament and we will know for certain then what the requirements will be and whether we can expect that its digital asset management will also be a demand.

Alongside this the emergence of digital twins into the spotlight, understandably piqued interest as the Cambridge Centre for Digital Built Britain ramped up its programme.

The publication of the new ISO 19650, replacing the BIM standard PAS 1192 meant this was a popular story with readers and who also flocked to the commentary from Galliford Try’s John Ford.

Several project stories were up there too – Battersea Power Station’s pioneering 4D model sequencing (pictured) and an engineering feat in the Middle East drew readers’ attention.

So, here are the top 10 most read stories in 2019:

1. BIM to be mandatory on resi projects of six or more storeys

2. Battersea Power Station – 4D models ensure risk-free sequencing

3. Unity and Autodesk bring gaming technology to construction

4. Golden key could unlock Hackitt’s golden thread of BIM data

5. 4D modelling key to Dubai twin tower with ‘world’s largest cantilever’

6. Long-awaited International BIM standards published

7. ISO 19650: When you should adopt it and why

8. Are digital twins in danger of becoming a fantasy?

9. Overcoming overcomplicated barriers to ISO 19650 adoption

10. ‘Potential to use BIM data in digital twins is being overlooked’

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