3D-printed barracks opens in Texas

Image: Icon/Logan Architecture

A 3D-printed military barracks is set to open soon in Texas.

As reported by Global Construction Review, Texan 3D-printing company Icon has partnered with local firm Logan Architecture to print a barracks block at Camp Swift Training Centre in the south-east of the state.

Austin-based Icon said the 350 sq m project is the largest 3D-printed structure in North America.

The block was financed through the Texas Military Department, and will host 72 soldiers or airmen. Colonel Zebadiah Miller, Texas Military director of facilities, said: “The printed barracks will not only provide our soldiers with a safe and comfortable place to stay while they train, but because they are printed in concrete, we anticipate them to last for decades.”

Soldiers in training will begin living in the facility in the autumn.

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  1. There’s often quite a lot of such stories about 3D printed structures. While an amazing progress in planning and technology, I always can’t stop myself from asking the question: how do costs compare to a traditional building methods? Cannot imagine that there is a clear cost benefit of printing just exterior walls instead of a simple block wall. Are there any studies done on the commercial aspect?

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