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When the schedule quality check is executed, a detailed report is produced that gives a value to rank the robustness of the plan as red, amber or green.

CIOB Planning Protocol: using software to mitigate programme risk

Richard Ormerod, Elecosoft

We’ll seek better flow of information across the supply chain, the use of should-cost modelling (SCM), and to ensure the industry can make a fair margin of profit.

How construction must respond to government's plans

Fergus Harradence

Meetings to discuss a BIM execution plan that no one follows, understands, or have read are common. Project leaders and managers say: “We just need to tick the box."

A BIM reality check

Salvador Flores, KMK International

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BIM+ editor
UK helps US with BIM adoption

Our plan is to reduce this epidemic, protect livilihoods & start turning the tide on the misery caused by theft. ...

Steve Roberts
Construction manager launches tools track and trace system

Too many hard working members of the construction community have been affected by this most despicable of crimes. Most people ...

pete stoneman
Construction manager launches tools track and trace system

In fact, client, contractor and consultant have different expectation of "How much BIM can deliver". The key of how do ...

Ping Li
Why we must take BIM back to basics

Too many software organistations within the industry are focusing on BIM 'brand' adoption and cornering of the market rather than ...

UK BIM Alliance: raising 'awareness of BIM' still ...