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In the same way that the janitor at NASA was putting an astronaut on the moon, this line of sight can provide a real sense of purpose for all of ...

One Vision for people, nature and the built environment

Melissa Zanocco, Infrastructure Client Group

If the industry simply digitises what it’s currently doing, then it has missed an important opportunity.

How UK infrastructure can reach net-zero carbon

Mark Coates, Bentley Systems

Digitising our manual processes has been a significant means of improving efficiency at all stages of supply chain on-boarding and engagement.

Digitising supply chain procurement the Balfour Beatty way

Evan Sutherland, Balfour Beatty

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Risk adverse? All our industry takes risk, alot of it...too much of it! Only when it comes to H&S precaution ...

Tony gaskell
My Digital Life: May Winfield, Buro Happold

I don’t agree that the industry is risk averse. Contractors assume more risk than is reasonable given the low returns. ...

iain mowatt
My Digital Life: May Winfield, Buro Happold

This is a really bad idea. Getting people to lift loads they are not designed to lift. It is a ...

iain mowatt
Haki scaffolding staff test exoskeletons

A demo of this would be really great.

Kevin Furlong
Foster + Partners tests real-time collaborative platform

Thanks for your comment Charles. We are trying to figure out ways on how to balance the benefits of digitising ...

Olufemi olaiya
Portsmouth City Council’s Femi Olaiya: implementing a whole ...