Aecom gets green light for non-standard drone flights

Aecom has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones in complex high-rise environments.

The company has had “standard” permission for aerial working since 2017 but this limited the distance and proximity that drone operators could safely fly towards assets which were not under their control.

With the “non-standard” permission in place, drone operators will be able to operate in congested and complex environments, including highly urbanised areas. The highly developed safe system of working is designed to minimise the potential risk to people, the environment and infrastructure during aerial operations.

Ciaran Hogan, Aecom’s senior UAS (unmanned aerial systems) consultant for EMEA, said: “Having previously used subcontractors to help deliver our projects and assess complex environments, this is a major step forward for Aecom. By growing our team and further exploring the UK’s commercial drone market, we aim to lead the way within the technical drone services sector.

“With a key focus on safety, Aecom’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals will work with closely with its partners and clients to create a legacy for generations to come.”

Image: Kittichai Boonpong/

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