AI assists tanker driver safety

tanker driver safety
The AI monitors signs of fatigue in the driver

Artificial intelligence is being used to help prevent fatigue and unsafe driving in cement tanker drivers.

The Driver Status Monitoring System, developed by Spillard Vehicle Safety Systems, uses in-cab cameras and sensors to detect driver fatigue.

It is being fitted to a 50-strong fleet, of 44-tonne bulk tankers at Aggregate Industries’ Lafarge Cement business and its partner, Lomas Distribution.

The intelligent algorithm tracks and detects eye movements like rapid blinking, facial features, and any other signs of fatigue. It can then trigger an alarm that continues to sound until the vehicle comes to a stop. 

The blackbox system also detects unsafe behaviour, including mobile phone use, smoking, lane deviation, and not wearing a seat belt, and can trigger a remote alarm at the transport base.

Other safety features include remote access controls, emergency stop functions, and collision and lane departure warnings.

Lomas Distribution general manager Gareth Durnall said: “Driver safety is paramount to us and anything that can help reduce adverse incidents and keep our drivers and other road users safe from harm is hugely important.

“This is another welcome piece of technology to add to the fleet.”

More than a million tonnes of cement is produced annually from the Cauldon Cement Plant in Staffordshire, and transported to delivery sites across the country.

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