AI-enabled building systems design and operation platform launched

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An Israel-based start-up has launched what it claims is the world’s first AI platform for sustainable design and lifecycle management of commercial real estate.

BeamUP is an AI platform that designs and manages building systems, including security, IT, IoT, electrical and HVAC. It claims to reduce system and infrastructure design time from months to days and improve management efficiency by 70%. The technology is also said to cut ongoing operational costs associated with manual processes, errors, and rework and reduces the risk of compliance and regulatory breaches.  

BeamUP quoted an anonymised case study with “one of the world’s largest companies” using the platform for the design and management of “hundreds of new international facilities”.

According to BeamUP, this company previously worked with several external engineering firms, which resulted in inconsistency and lack of standardisation, disjointed processes, errors and inaccurate data that ultimately led to project delays, compliance issues and excessive maintenance costs.

Working with BeamUP, the company anticipates the following savings compared with today’s manual engineering and management processes:

  • initial design and budgeting time reduced by 94% (versus the time it takes an engineer to design a system manually using CAD software and spreadsheets);
  • ongoing system changes and refurbishments time reduced by 98%; and
  • design and compliance errors reduced by 82%.

These projections are based on pilots conducted in the US and EMEA regions during 2020 and 2021.  

Stephane Levy, CEO and founder of BeamUP, said: “Buildings and the systems within them are as complex as cities, but the tools to design and manage them have not kept up. By introducing intelligence and historic and macro level data into this industry, BeamUP automates manual processes to prevent dangerous compliance breaches and skyrocketing costs for enterprises that manage hundreds, if not thousands, of facilities.” 

BeamUp has launched with a $15M round of seed investment led by Israel-based StageOne Ventures and US-based Ibex Investors, as well as some angel investors, including Workday CEO Chano Fernandez.

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