Amey launches mental health app for workforce

Image courtesy of Amey Consulting.

Amey Consulting has launched a workplace wellbeing app that invites its workforce to track their mental health.

The FormScore app asks users to score their mental wellbeing each day, using a score out of 10. They track their moods and connect with friends, family and colleagues to be open about how they are feeling. The app also provides people managers with aggregated anonymous data on their teams, encouraging them to act if their team is experiencing low morale.

The partnership with the FormScore app follows a pilot with 300 employees that Amey Consulting said had generated nearly 1,300 in-app conversations about mental health and a 22% increase in social connectedness.

In addition to now rolling out the app to its UK-wide business, Amey Consulting  has also introduced it on its A66 contract working with Highways England, Arup, and subcontractors. A total of 600 people involved in the project have been enrolled on the app since July.

Rob Doyle, HSEQ director at Amey Consulting, said: “In March 2020 we mobilised our 1,800 people to home working. Overnight, the physical cues of a colleague feeling down were gone. FormScore has helped us sustain a wellbeing culture built upon peer-to-peer engagement in the new world of remote and flexible working. We had nearly 1,300 in-app messages between colleagues during our pilot programme. “Without FormScore, I am convinced these conversations would not have taken place. That for me, shows the positive impact of our partnership with FormScore.”

FormScore founder Rob Stephenson said: “I’m very much looking forward to this partnership. Amey Consulting is making a concerted effort to ensure mental wellbeing is a core part of their employees’ lives.

“After the successful pilot, I can’t wait to see the real change that FormScore will bring to help the organisation thrive and flourish.”

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