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Equipping tomorrow’s professionals for a digital construction industry

1 March 2020 | By Mark Swallow

What exactly do professionals need in terms of training and education to be ready for a digital construction industry? Mark Swallow, lecturer in BIM and Construction Project Management at the Leeds College of Building, offers his thoughts.

In an industry currently transforming with the use of digital technology, professionals having the relevant skills and technical knowledge is of paramount importance. Although historically the industry has been criticised for its resistance to adopt new tools and processes, the construction sector has shifted significantly over the past decade. Within this shift, one focus has been on refining the processes of digital information management and developing means with which to exploit technology.

This transformation of the industry opens new doors but also requires a new range of skill sets. To ensure that the upcoming (and current) industry professionals are equipped with these skills, knowledge and positive attitudes, the principles of “digital construction” should be embedded within their education. However, with rapid growth and development of these processes and technology, including many disciplines from design, project management and quantity surveying, how are educational providers keeping up to meet the needs of the industry?