Archicad gains improvements as Graphisoft reaches 40

A screen grab of an example of autotext for master layout in Archicad 26
An example of autotext for master layout in Archicad 26
Graphisoft has unveiled updates to its key programme, Archicad 26, as the software developer celebrates its 40th anniversary.

In its 26th version, Archicad is claimed to deliver improvements in design, visualisation, collaboration and documentation.

In terms of design, Graphisoft claims Archicad now offers:

  • more intuitive navigation and management of attributes through a structured hierarchy;
  • fast finding of, and navigation to, specific views and layouts in the design project;
  • faster modelling and documentation of surface openings;
  • smart parametric object creation with graphical editing methods (available for Graphisoft Forward subscribers only);
  • customised kitchen cabinetry that meets local standards and requirements; and
  • improved 2D editing for circle and ellipse radial stretching.

The improved visualisation is driven by BIMx Web Viewer and BIMx Desktop Viewer, and offers more realistic visualisation with on-the-fly rendering, reflecting project orientation, and a Camera View Cone in the 3D model.

For Graphisoft Forward subscribers, there is also a one-year free Enscape subscription with a two-year commitment, offering real-time rendering and virtual reality that brings visual exploration directly into the modelling tools.

Improved collaboration

Graphisoft said Archicad 26 “introduces improved structural analytical model workflows and usability enhancements for faster, smoother interoperability between architects and structural engineers”. An example includes “reliable, out-of-the-box energy and CO2 building material data for accurate building lifecycle analysis and sustainability reports.

Archicad 26 also features enhancements to the documentation workflow, including:

  • new autotext in automated layouts;
  • find and add multiple rules to combinations at once without unnecessary scrolling; and
  • using the information already available in the model in multiple ways to make documentation fast and easy.

Zsolt Kerecsen, vice president, software success, at Graphisoft, said: “Thanks to the powerful enhancements in Archicad 26, users can focus on their designs while increasing productivity through smoother design, documentation, and collaboration workflows, and their increased productivity translates into more time for design.

“Beginning with Archicad 26, our newly unveiled adaptive hybrid framework approach helps us bring new technology to market faster.”

Graphisoft was founded in 1982 and launched its first commercial software in 1984.

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