Architect HOK reveals drone hotel concept

International architect HOK has revealed its concept design for a hotel that would be drone-powered, allowing it to travel around the globe and visit previously inaccessible locations.

According to the architect the hotel is made up of several modular glass units for ease of construction and mobility. These include the “Oasis”, a central hub that contains the main lobby, bar, lounge, and restaurant. Connected to this would be a “Driftcraft”, a single volume guest room unit providing 360-degree views to the outside world and fitted for untethered excursions of two to three days.

Image: HOK/Radical Innovation

Named Driftscape, the concept hotel, designed by the architect’s Toronto office, recently won the grand prize in the 10th Annual Radical Innovation Award competition held in New York. As a winner of the award the concept will now be developed to assess feasibility for construction and operation.

At the awards John Hardy, CEO of the John Hardy Group and founder of Radical Innovation, said: “Driftscape meets growing market demand for authentic, immersive experiences with a concept that is entirely new and original. The audience was won over not only by the romance of the idea, but the amount of research supporting its feasibility.”

Image: HOK/Radical Innovation

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  1. Great concept. Could this also apply to future offices and homes?

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