Asset Information Management system now provides data in COBie

Software developed to provide a smart Asset Information Management system has been updated to provide the data assets in COBie files.

The software from 6DBIM forms a link between the Asset Information Model, construction site data and the client’s computer aided facilities management (CAFM) system.

Its main aim is to automate population of types and components in COBie with supply chain information. It can significantly reduce the errors in data collection as the main people who are responsible for filling in the information are manufacturers themselves.

Furthermore, the system not only allows easy transfer of parameters from products to project, it also allows linking of all the required documentation, including as-installed information.

Previously, all input was resolved via Excel templates and it was the user’s responsibility to format them to suit. The software now takes the IFC Model for data input, provides basic validation and now completes COBie as the system output (previously users were getting Excel spreadsheets filled with all parameters).

Using provided IFC, 6DBIM’s system will automatically extract all of the floor and room information, and will also take all of the model elements and list Uniclass 2015 codes.

This gives users the option to filter them into work packages and create orders. Furthermore, using IFC unlocks another new functionality – M&E Systems browser. This will also ensure that the building services side of construction can also fully appreciate and benefit from using the System.

The company says: “Once set up is completed your suppliers or your site team have an option to select products from 6DBIM cloud. This is not any usual BIM store – when you select the right product all of its information – COBie, NBS and custom parameters, including manuals and even as-installed documents – is transferred to your model element.”

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