Autodesk acquires Assemble Systems to strengthen industry digitisation

Autodesk has acquired Assemble Systems, a Massachusetts-based software company, in a move that will strengthen its capacity to digitise key components of the built environment sector.

Assemble Systems provides a SaaS solution which enables construction professionals to condition, query and connect BIM data to key workflows across bid management, estimating, scheduling, site management and finance.

Over time, Assemble Systems’ solution will be integrated with Autodesk’s new BIM 360 project management platform, a cross-industry, open platform permitting project teams to collaborate on coordinated, shared designs throughout a construction project.

Andrew Anagnost, president and CEO of Autodesk, said: “I welcome the Assemble Systems team to the Autodesk family, as part of our efforts to digitise and improve the construction industry. We are connecting project data from design through construction, creating the cloud-enabled tools necessary to make the critical preconstruction phase of a project more predictable and profitable.”

Don Henrich, CEO of Assemble Systems, said: “Autodesk is an AEC technology leader and was the majority investor in our Series A funding last year. We partnered closely with Autodesk to make the greatest impact on the construction industry. We’re excited about joining Autodesk and continuing to make BIM data more useful across construction project workflows.”

Assemble Systems’ products are used by 174 customers, many of which it shares with Autodesk, in nearly 1,000 sites and offices working on 12,700 projects.

BIM 360 Glue helps LKCo facilitate real-time collaboration on Chao Center project for Harvard Business School Image courtesy of Autodesk/ Lee Kennedy Co Inc

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  1. If the big Bentley acquired Synchro Systems weeks ago, and the big one, too, Autodesk is now acquiring the medium Assemble Systems, which is, or it was, developing a partnership with giant Oracle (more specifically with the part of Project Management Systems – P6 old Spring Systems acquired by Oracle about a decade ago), and lastly, I am not seeing any movement of Elecosof (brand PowerProject).
    Can we say now that in this market there are only these three big players (Bentley / Synchro, Oracle Primavera / Autodesk and Elecosoft)?

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