Autodesk software reduces quality and safety issues by 20% in BAM trial

Autodesk has launched a new machine learning-based software tool which it claims can improve quality and reduce safety issues.

Working with customers, Autodesk spent approximately three years testing BIM 360 Construction IQ (formerly known during beta as BIM 360 Project IQ).

In trials, BAM achieved a 20% reduction in quality and safety issues on site as a result of better decision making supported by BIM 360 Project IQ.

The software also enabled Project staff to spend 25% more time focusing on the high-risk items by providing focused visibility on developing trends for both quality and safety.

Autodesk says that BIM 360 Construction IQ is machine learning-based analytics that moves beyond the traditional concept of static data and takes prediction to the next level with assistive, action-based intelligence.

Woven across the BIM 360 construction management platform, Construction IQ sifts through data points, rom issues, observations, checklists, subcontractor assignments, related metadata, and historical data to help analyse, identify and prioritise risk factors each day. It also provides broad insights into companywide performance across projects.

BAM reduced quality and safety issues with BIM 360 Construction IQ

Over the last three years, Construction IQ models have learned from over 150 million construction issues and checklist observations across nearly 30,000 real projects to develop its algorithms, which analyse quality and safety risk.

With Construction IQ, BAM has seen improved oversight across multiple complex projects with no extra effort. Through the BIM 360 construction management platform, BAM was able to break down traditional construction data silos to automatically identify and understand high risk items using machine learning.

“We saw a 20% reduction in quality and safety issues on projects,” said Michael Murphy, digital construction operations manager, BAM Ireland. “Consequently, our staff was able to spend 25% more time focusing on the high-risk issues for both quality and safety.”

Features included in the software include:

  • Project Home – A personalised home page that presents a real-time snapshot of “to do” items and may be customised to include interactive access to views of drawings and models, partner data, and daily risk analysis identified by Construction IQ.
  • Project Dashboards – Curated, summary-level views of quality, safety and project controls data to surface project trends over time.
  • Partner Cards – Data from integration partner applications populates in Project Home and dashboards in BIM 360, providing a holistic view of project data and key activity or status updates.
  • Reports – Summary and detail-level reports that can be easily shared with any project stakeholder to keep the team accountable and up-to-date, while preventing and managing risk.
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