Balfour Beatty Vinci JV and HS2 use 4D to improve site safety

The Balfour Beatty Vinci (BBV) joint venture and HS2 Ltd are using immersive 4D learning technology from 3D Repo to improve site safety.

The technology, cloud-based SafetiBase 4D, developed by BBV and innovative tech company 3D Repo, sees site workers enter the Mission Room (pictured above), which creates a four dimensional, 360º virtual version of a BBV construction site on HS2’s Area North route.

From the safety of an office environment, workers can then go on site and explore, discuss and agree the project’s delivery sequence, identify safety issues and agree how to resolve them. They can tag hazards at a specific place and time in the virtual build sequence. The technology also provides the ability to click on the hazard symbol to access its entire history including details of progress that has been made in tackling identified hazards.

HS2 Ltd senior innovation manager Dr David Rogers said: “HS2 places a high priority on caring for our workforce and creating an environment where no one gets injured. This technological innovation has huge potential to improve safety on the project. Immersing teams in a 4D virtual site enables them to examine the task and, not only tag hazards, but hopefully eliminate them before they arrive on site, driving a virtuous circle improving safety and boosting productivity.”

BBV head of innovation & transformation Dan Fawcett said: “The integration of SafetiBase 4D is yet another step forward on our journey towards achieving Zero Harm – keeping our workforce, business partners, suppliers, subcontractors and members of the public safe.

“Using this immersive innovation, we are able to fully visualise our sites and interact with the works sequence, showing how specific HS2 assets will be built piece by piece. Creating a truly digital workflow for capturing hazards, assigning ownership and ensuring action is taken to mitigate or manage these risks, SafetiBase 4D also ensures that we are delivering efficiently and effectively throughout the programme of works.”

3D Repo commercial director Andrew Norrie said: “This development will allow users to democratise, visualise and analyse the output of 4D modelling to the wider project team. This will enable full cloud-based collaboration with issues and risks linked to the 4D timeline.”

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