BAM and Skanska awarded new BIM verification launched by BSI

Business standards company BSI has launched a new BIM “verification” that measures compliance with PAS 1992:2, with the first certificates awarded to BAM Construct and Skanska.

The verifications scheme is called PAS 1192-2 Information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects.

BIM+ understands that Kier has also been involved in the trial stages of the BSI scheme, and could also be in line to achieve the new PAS 1992:2 verification. 

BSI has also launched a series of BIM training courses to upskill staff and support companies that are seeking corporate verification.

Andy Butterfield, BSI’s global head of construction for product certification, said: “BAM and Skanska should be proud that they are the first companies to be verified by BSI to PAS 1192-2.

“This verification scheme will be of huge benefit  to construction companies involved in public sector projects as well as those companies within the construction supply chain including private sector building, civil, infrastructure, refurbishment and new-build projects both in the UK and abroad.”

According to a BSI press release, the scheme has been developed with industry stakeholders to provide contractors and their supply chain with evidence that they have the capability to deliver projects using BIM.

To achieve verification from BSI, contractors have to demonstrate adherence to the PAS 1192-2 standard. This is determined through an onsite audit which will assess:

  • the documented procedures for all processes in PAS 1192-2;
  • the competency of staff;
  • a documented complaints procedure.

Different requirements apply to Tier 1 contractors and their supply chains.

Colin Pryor, UK business systems and quality manager at BAM Construct, said: “BIM is a major driver influencing the direction of the construction industry both in the UK and abroad and we’re pleased that we’ve been able to work with BSI during the development of this scheme.

BAM’s Colin Pryor describing its journey to BSI verification at the BIM4Fitout conference

“In addition, with the UK government requiring all centrally procured government contracts to be compliant with BIM Level 2 by 2016, this verification will provide assurance to those within our supply chain that we are capable of delivering projects using BIM.”

Skanska’s David Throssell, BIM and digital engineering operations manager, said: “We’re very pleased to be one of the first companies to be verified by BSI to PAS 1192-2. This allows us to demonstrate to our customers and supply chain that we have the capability to deliver projects using BIM.  We’ve worked closely with BSI to ensure that the verification scheme adds value and addresses the key challenges that the construction industry faces around BIM.”

In addition to the verification, a BSI Kitemark™ for BIM Design and Construction will also be developed in 2016, which will incorporate verification to PAS 1192-2.

BSI also has a new training offering to  support the scheme and to ensure that an organisation fully implements PAS 1192-2.

The four BIM training courses are called: BIM Fundamentals; BIM Processes and Procedures; BIM Information Management; and BIM Implementation.

This verification scheme will be of huge benefit to construction companies involved in public sector projects as well as those within the construction supply chain, including private sector building, civil, infrastructure, refurbishment and new-build projects.– Andy Butterfield, BSI

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  1. But does this also mean they (BAM & Skanska) are BIM Level 2 compliant??

  2. Not sure what this certification gives as companies if BS/ISO 90001 registered should be doing this anyway. I can only see the benefit of this type of certification with BRE/BSI/Ocean as being commercially driven on their part.

    This certification, if to be of benefit, needs to focus on all parts of Level 2 BIM and not just PAS1192-2. These companies should be working with the BIM4/regions to ensure that a common approach is found for all stakeholders.

  3. I concur with Nick on this issue, is this article biased towards BAM and Skanska?? Just because they are BIM accredited does not mean that they know what they are doing. Anyone can attend some training courses and pass a few tests. My dog can jump over fences but that doesn’t mean he would win the agility tests as Crufts!!

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