The best construction video games to play this christmas

Christmas is around the corner and what better way to celebrate the holidays than some construction site video games.

It’s the best gift that you can give both to yourself and the younger members of your family – it’s a fun and straightforward way to explain to the people around you what construction is actually all about.

Plus, you get the great opportunity of seeing first-hand what working in construction really feels like. Learn about the importance of precision and smart planning without having to experience the physical struggles of the job.

An online search will reveal many video games that are related to the construction industry. How are you supposed to know which ones are the best, though? Well, we have done the hard graft for you and present a list of the most exciting construction simulator games available for tablet and phone:

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity (pictured above) is probably the most popular game in the construction industry. By choosing SimCity, you have the opportunity to play the role of mayor and build the city of your dreams. Take care of every single task in the city, from constructing an accessible port to a properly working sewage system. Keeping your citizens happy is what matters the most.  

For: What we like the most about SimCity is its versatility in terms of missions. You are the ultimate master of the whole city and you have a plethora of interesting tasks to choose from. Another great thing about SimCity is that it’s very simple to play.

Against: The only drawback is the long waiting time for the completion of the tasks. A way to reduce the waiting time is by paying, but this can make the game a bit unfair sometimes.

Age rating: It’s a game for the whole family. The official suggested age is 4+ with supervision; 16+ for in-app purchases.


The main concept behind Megapolis is very similar to SimCity. You can have a very relaxing time building airports, railway stations, even solar power plants! Put together an impressive city of tomorrow and overcome the various obstacles that will come your way.

For: You can play together with more than 10 million people from around the world. Establish beneficial alliances with your neighbours and exchange materials.

Against: The fact that you need large amounts of materials in order to construct megabuilds is a big minus for Megapolis. Because of that, the progress during the game can be very slow.

Age rating: It’s a game for the whole family. But keep an eye on the children when it comes to in-app purchases.

Construction Simulator PRO 2017

Probably one of the most realistic construction-related games. This game can provide a great overview of the whole construction process from conception to completion.

First and foremost, you have the opportunity to operate a plethora of heavy vehicles and construction equipment (such as cranes). You start your career in the industry as a contractor and climb the construction ladder step by step.

For: Build your own construction empire and gain a nice insight to the sector. A great characteristic of this game is that there is no timer on when you build, so you can take your time and enjoy the game.

Against: The graphics could be better. This would add to the whole experience and it could make the simulation process much more realistic.

Age rating: Good for all members of the family, however, due to its complexity it’s a better fit for children above 10 years old.

Village City

There is no doubt that this village building simulation can be a relaxing way to spend your Christmas holidays. Create the whole village from scratch and constantly upgrade the quality of the infrastructure and the houses your citizens live in.

An interesting feature of the game is that based on how you choose to build your city, its social life will be adjusted accordingly.

For: The town graphics are of great quality, while new types of buildings can be constantly unlocked as the game progresses. Furthermore, it’s available in 18 different languages which increases significantly the popularity of the game around the world.

Against: You might need some patience to unlock new buildings, as a big waiting time is required. What’s more, land expansion and building upgrades can be a bit pricey.

Age rating: Perfect game for the younger members of the family. It can also be a fun choice for an older audience, as well.

Heavy Excavator Simulator

Ever wondered how would it feel to handle an excavator? Well, now you have the chance to experience it. You can handle both sand excavator trucks and heavy construction cranes. What makes this game so special is the fact that real physics have been taken into consideration during its creation, so you can enjoy a full realistic experience.

For: It’s an excellent choice for anyone who believes that heavy vehicles are impressive. On top of that, it’s probably the only game that focuses solely on heavy construction vehicles.

Against: The high amount of adverts undermines the gameplay experience. Handling the excavator can be very challenging, as well.

Age rating: A fun game for teenagers and young adults. It’s not the best choice for younger kids, as the difficulty level of the game is quite high and they will easily lose interest.

Space City

Tired of building on planet earth? No problem at all! Now, you can move your construction activities on the moon. Complete the challenging mission of populating a new planet by designing and creating every detail of a new civilisation. Build smart so you can attract new residents that can make your civilisation sustainable. In any case, we are talking about an out-of-earth experience.

For: It has approximately 1,000 progression levels and more than 325 achievements to accomplish. And most important, it doesn’t require an internet connection to play.

Against: Some minor problems with the services map have been reported. The graphics could be a little better, as well. The landscape could look a bit more lively.

Age rating: A family friendly game and because of its theme, it can be really exciting for younger kids and teenagers.


TheoTown is an interesting alternative to games like SimCity BuildIt and Megapolis. Again, you can create your own flourishing city. Designate distinct commercial and residential zones and connect them by well-constructed roads.

Invest also in the social life of the city by building schools, parks and other facilities for the residents. The protection of your citizens from disastrous natural phenomena is also part of the game.

For: It’s a simple yet enormous game in terms of tasks and achievements that you have to complete. In that sense, you can never get tired of it.

Against: Some users report problems with saving the game in progress. The increase of building and car variations is another element that could be improved.

Age rating: A game for the whole family. Keep a close eye to the younger gamers of the family due to the micro-transactions that can be conducted in the course of the game.

City Mania: Town Building Game

Build the best city ever. That’s the goal of this new and very interesting game produced by Gameloft. All the important decisions are in your hands. Choose wisely and build the best city in history. What makes this game so fun and addictive is the use of cartoon characters. The more you proceed in the game the funnier the characters you unlock.

For: The 360-degree view is one of the most impressive features in this game. Smooth graphics and a very entertaining plot.

Against: Automation on factories could be an element that the Gameloft team would need to consider, as you end up doing some repetitive tasks again and again.

Age rating: Fantastic game for younger audiences. The cartoon characters help tremendously toward that direction.

City Builder 17 – Federal Prison

The core idea behind this game is very straightforward. Create a federal prison with high security standards. You start your effort with some simple excavation tasks and gradually you move to more complex missions, such as handling heavy vehicles and moving materials from the one side of the construction site to the other.

Step by step, you will eventually reach to your ultimate goal of putting together the most secure federal prison.

For: Very realistic game that depicts with great precision the various obstacles that you may come across during the building process.

Against: Controlling the equipment and the different tracks can be hard. Some problems with the bonus level between level 14 and 15 have also been observed.

Age rating: Due to the topic, we would say that it’s a game that appeals to children and young adults over 10 years old.  

Skyscraper Construction Site Builder

Last but certainly not least, the Skyscraper Construction Site Builder. Children have the opportunity to experience the building industry and gain some understanding over the fundamentals of the construction process.

For: It’s a great tool in the effort to educate children about the numerous challenges that construction entails.

Against: It has way too many adverts, some of which can potentially be inappropriate for such a young audience.

Age rating: Skyscraper Construction Site Builder is clearly addressing to a younger audience. A good choice for everyone who has younger children and a strong interest in construction.

Let us know which is your favourite. Happy gaming!

By Anastasios Koutsogiannis, content marketing manager at GenieBelt

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