the top 50 BIM tweeters

Construction Manager and BIM+ are launching a campaign to identify the most influential, interesting and informative BIM tweeters. Whether they are BIM managers, contractors, product manufacturers, architects or government officials, we aim to find the top 50 Twitter users you should be following to be involved in the BIM conversation.

BIM is a digital collaborative tool used by people with a deep interest in technology, so it is no surprise that the people who have embraced BIM have also embraced social media. A strong online community already exists on Twitter with users keen to share knowledge and experience. Let us know where you get up-to-date information and insight from, and who the opinion formers are by nominating your favourite BIM tweeters by tweeting @cmbimplus or using the hashtag #BIMtwitter50.

Construction Manager will compile a top 50 list based on the number of nominations received, along with the BIM+ team’s own suggestions, Klout scores and consultation from construction social media expert Paul Wilkinson.

Nominations will close on 3 April and the results will be announced on the BIM+ website and the May edition of Construction Manager.

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  1. @CMBIMPLUS I nominate @malachymathews for top #BIMtwitter50

  2. I have already posted my nominations… For #BIMtwitter50… May the Best CM win…

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