BIM in brief 12.12.23: robot builds stone walls autonomously

Image of the robot that builds walls autonomously
Autonomous excavator developed by ETH Zurich university can build a stone wall all by itself

A round-up of BIM and digital construction stories that you might have missed in the past month, including the robot that builds stone walls autonomously.

Robot builds dry stone walls autonomously

ETH Zurich university has published an update on its autonomous walking excavator that can build dry ​stone walls from randomly shaped boulders and concrete rubble. Watch the video.

RAAC ‘rulebook’ in development

The Manufacturing Technology Centre has secured £3m in government funding towards research into reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), including developing a ‘rulebook’ on how to deal with the material, Construction Management reports.

The research will look at various forms of non-destructive testing (NDT), such as ground-penetrating radar, backscatter X-ray and ultrasonic testing, to accurately identify and assess RAAC.

Mostafa Elashmawy becomes nima ambassador

Mostafa Elashmawy, head of BIM and GIS at WSP Middle East, is the latest addition to nima’s network of international ambassadors. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he said: “I have led and contributed to many regional and international initiatives related to the development of data management and digitalisation of the AEC industry. With a focus on the Middle East and Arabic community, I will continue to try to positively influence the digital construction market.”

Dubai’s BIM mandate

Dubai Municipality will only accept planning applications for a wide range of buildings from 1 January if they’re accompanied by a 3D building information model, Global Construction Review reports.

The municipality cited the benefits BIM brings “during all stages of the project lifecycle, including reducing costs, saving time and effort, improving the efficiency of construction and operation processes, and reducing reliance on unskilled labour”.

Hadrian bricklaying robot upgraded for US market

Australian construction robotics company FBR has begun testing the latest iteration of its Hadrian X bricklaying robot, Global Construction Review reports. The machine now takes the form of a three-axle truck with a 32m-long articulated telescopic arm that can lay up to 300 masonry blocks an hour.

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