BIM in brief 21.2.23: Global HSE adopts PlanRadar for fire safety compliance

Global HSE Solutions adopts PlanRadar
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Global HSE Solutions adopts PlanRadar

Fire safety and passive fire protection measures consultancy Global HSE Solutions has adopted PlanRadar. The software will assist the consultancy’s Global Technical Services (GTS) team, which provides fire engineering advice and expertise to both Tier 1 contractors and Global HSE’s own contracting arm, in the delivery of more efficient, detailed and accessible fire safety information.

The GTS team was impressed by PlanRadar’s ability to record video and integrate BIM, which could support the team’s compliance requirements around the Building Safety Act and increased expectations for data collection in line with the golden thread.

The time savings from e-commerce

Construction companies could save up to five hours a week by adopting e-trading, according to a new report from Open ECX, the cloud-based e-trading platform. Its survey of 102 large construction firms found that neatly half (47%) have adopted e-trading and are generating time savings of between one and five hours a week.

Of those that have not adopted e-trading, nearly a third (31%) said they were worried about on-boarding, while more than a quarter (28%) either didn’t understand the benefits or didn’t feel their processes could be automated.

Tackling greenwashing

A net-zero masterclass, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Trust, has been launched by Hattrick. The interactive and action-oriented course is designed to help businesses make sense of the science, jargon, acronyms and disinformation that “are clouding sustainability claims”, Hattrick said.

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