BIM pocket phrasebook launched

So do you know your asset information model from your data drop?

Well if you’re new to the BIM business then you may want to download software provider Trimble’s new BIM Phrasebook.

The pocket guide is aimed at those encountering BIM for the first time, or who are still finding their feet in the area.

With the sector being rife with technical jargon and acronyms that can be bewildering to the layperson, the guide offers a brief glossary of some of the most commonly used, but easily misunderstood, terms used in the sector.

Some of the terms broken down include:

Site information modelling (SIM) – This is a form of BIM specifically for designing construction sites.

Volume – In BIM, volume is defined as a manageable spatial sub-division of a project, agreed on at the outset and with its own reference file, allowing more than one person to work on the project simultaneously and consistently.

Industry foundation class (IFC) – A standard format used in BIM to allow free exchange of information between different software programs.

The guide can be downloaded for free here

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