BIM software market set to reach $17.6bn in 2023, says Cambashi

BIM software market
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The BIM software market is set to grow to $17.6bn next year from $14.8bn in 2021, according to forecasts from Cambashi.

Cambashi’s latest data indicates that the BIM software market is continuing its trend of continued resilience through successive economic downturns.

Dan Roberts, senior consultant at Cambashi, said: “This confirms the latent attractiveness of the lucrative BIM software growth. In 2023 the expected global reduction in GDP growth will inevitably hamper BIM software market growth, but all BIM Design, Construct and Operate software segments still represent an attractive sector to providers and investors alike.”

According to Cambashi’s analysis: “BIM Construct, as a less mature market that is still developing quickly, is expected to grow much faster than the other phases, at around 15%. BIM Design and BIM Operate are more mature segments, where we see the highest market penetration and where most BIM software revenue is currently generated. We expect these to grow more conservatively than BIM Construct.”

BIM software market
Cambashi‘s analysis of the three BIM software sectors

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