NBS report: only a third say BIM will replace specification

Only 34% of people believe BIM will eventually replace specification, according to the latest National Building Specification (NBS) report 2017.

The report, the first from the organisation since 2013, found that while construction continues to adapt and become a digital industry and BIM becomes an integral part of project collaboration and digital documentation, only just over a third of the 500 respondents to the survey thought BIM would fully replace writing project specifications.

Specification can cover everything from the performance outcomes sought from a new building, to the products to be used in its construction, the procurement route and even its location.

Although BIM is used in producing specifications and many did not see it as an alternative to traditional methods, an overwhelming majority of design professionals stated that they still experienced difficulties with producing or using building specifications.

A total of 94% of respondents reported such problems, up from 87% when the organisation last gauged sentiment in 2013.

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  1. Its good to see that the majority understand the importance of specifications and a good written specification can only improve a project from inception to FM and beyond.

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