BIM4SME and Autodesk sign 12-month partnership deal

BIM4SMEs, the  group formed by the government’s BIM Task Group to promote and guide smaller firms in the uptake of the technology, has inked a partnership with Autodesk to help the SME (small to medium enterprises) sector and organise its operations.

The new partnership will see the two organisations working together to promote BIM and articulate workflows to the relevant audiences.

One of the ideas going forward in the new partnership between Autodesk and BIM4SMEs is the development of a new Technology Channel, a website which will allow SMEs to engage with technology providers.

It will aim to create a greater understanding of how to engage with BIM, adopt digital methods of working and provide a clear and simple articulation of how this can be achieved and at what cost.

Speaking to BIM+, Tim Platts, chair of BIM4SMEs, said the idea for the online portal was still at the conceptual stage at the moment. He said: “By partnering with a company such as Autodesk we get to flex our commercial muscles a bit while also supporting SMEs while they come to grips with BIM.

“Currently it is a 12-month deal we have in place and the Technology Channel as well as other ideas will evolve over time with thought leadership from Autodesk.”  

Mike Keane, manufacturing specialist at Autodesk, said: “BIM is one of the key disruptions impacting many in the manufacturing, design, and construction sectors. We want to encourage UK manufacturers to grasp the opportunity presented by BIM, and use the skills and processes to drive export success.

“Our partnership with BIM4SMEs will help us to engage with the thousands of companies who want to make the most of this disruption, and want some clear practical help to do so.”

So far in 2016, BIM has introduced the idea of improved structure and governance for the group with the launch of its “Digital2all” initiative.

The Digital2all initiative sets the target of future-proofing the construction industry and unlocking the benefits to SMEs as well as serving the wider supply chain.

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