Bouygues to pioneer low carbon concrete

French firms Bouygues and Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies have signed a contract to create concrete with a carbon footprint between 70% and 80% lower than a conventional Portland cement.

The firms will work on the technical and commercial project for an initial period of 30 months, focusing on the H-EVA1 concrete developed by Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies.

According to studies by the pair, the product can be certified for operational implementation on Bouygues Construction sites in 2020.

Philippe Bonnave, Bouygues Construction chairman, said: “As a leading player in the construction sector, Bouygues Construction needs to meet the challenges of growing urbanisation while reducing its environmental impact.

“The partnership we have signed with Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies is an opportunity to jointly develop an innovation for our sector that is disruptive, because it emits less CO2, and to act to make construction more sustainable for our customers.”

Julien Blanchard, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies chairman, said: “The construction industry today has to change quickly in the face of climate issues and the advent of new regulations.

“To meet these challenges, we have created new cements guaranteed to be clinker- free and based on industrial by-products. Our industrial approach to cement is genuinely an eco- responsible and revolutionary solution on the construction market.

“This meaningful partnership is a perfect illustration of Bouygues Construction’s desire to sign up to disruptive innovations such as ours, with the aim of getting the construction sector to commit itself sustainably, and immediately, to a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Bouygues notes that “cement currently accounts for 6% of greenhouse gas emissions in France”.

Image: Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

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