Bricklaying robot to produce demo homes

Fastbrick Australia, which manufactures the bricklaying robot Hadrian X, has entered a series of agreements with housebuilders to use the machine to build demonstration homes.

Fastbrick Australia is a joint venture between Hadrian X inventor Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) and Australian building supplies company Brickworks Building Products. It hopes the agreements will get traction for its “Wall-as-a-Service” concept in Australia and Mexico.

In Australia Fastbrick will use its robotics technology to build structures to the housebuilders’ designs for testing before proceeding to build an entire demo home and then a home for purchase.

Imgae: FBR

FBR has entered a partnership with Western Australian housebuilder Summit Homes Group, following a similar agreement in September with Perth-based boutique building and design company, Archistruct Builders and Designers.

It has also teamed up with GP Vivienda, the housing division of Mexican construction giant Grupo GP, to test robot-built structures and the viability of FBR’s adhesive in use with blocks common in Mexico. In this agreement, the parties committed to analysing the results of the tests but stopped short of pledging to build a demo home or a home for sale.

Of the Mexican agreement, FBR’s global managing director and chief executive, Mike Pivac, said: “FBR sees the Hadrian X as part of the solution to Mexico’s acute shortage of well-constructed affordable homes, with a deficit of approximately 8.3 million affordable homes in the country.”

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