BSI launches information management and fire safety standards

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The BSI has launched standards for information management and the digital management of fire safety information.

The Flex 1965: v1.0 2022 standard aims to make it easier for contracting authorities, such as clients, to use the UK BIM Framework to standardise their approach to generating and classifying data, data security and data exchange. It should produce specifications relating to information management that are clear and unambiguous, reducing confusion and disputes.

BIMplus understands that the new standard is not intended to “add” to the BIM process (i.e. creating another process and adding a burden), rather it has a specific task to help clients, appointing parties and/or contracting authorities ask for information management services within their contracts in a more specific way.

Dan Rossiter, head of built environment at BSI, added: “The Construction Playbook calls for contracting authorities to use the UK BIM Framework to standardise their approach to generating, classifying, securing and exchanging information. Flex 1965 supports The Construction Playbook by providing the characteristics to ease the integration of the UK’s approach to information management using BIM into tender and contract documentation.”

Meanwhile, BS 8644-1:2022 (Digital management of fire safety information – Design, construction, handover, asset management and emergency response. Code of practice, to give it its full name) aims to produce a single document that manages the flow and presentation of information relevant to fire safety so that it remains accessible, available and useable by all parties through the lifetime of the project by those responsible for each stage (briefing; design; construction, including on-site fire safety information; asset handover; asset in operation; and fire and rescue service intervention).

Rossiter said: "“In support of building safety-related reports, such as Building A Safer Future, BS 8644-1 provides recommendations for the management, presentation and exchange of fire safety information. In conforming to BS 8644-1, fire safety information can be managed throughout the life cycle of building and infrastructure works, providing both the information management process as well as recommendations around a digital record itself.”

BIMplus first wrote about BS 8644-1:2022 last year; look out for an update soon.

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  1. As I have just discovered today from the first project client asking for this, this is anything but a clear standard and absolutely does not improve the process of making things “clear and unambiguous, reducing confusion and disputes”!
    This article should report that this is incomplete, does not provide an actual solution and that the recommended FIREie that we should use has major problems with it.
    I have spent the whole day trying to come up with a solution for my client today and I am still struggling to come up with an exchange process that works within BS8644 because BS8644 doesn’t have one

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