Cairn Homes specifies Zutec software

Irish housebuilder Cairn Homes has implemented Zutec’s site quality assurance (QA) platform to manage its quality and safety inspection and snagging work.

Cairn was also looking for a more efficient way to manage design processes, with slicker communication between parties involved in large housebuilding projects, and knew it needed to move from standard off-the-shelf file sharing tools to a common data environment (CDE).

Thus Cairn signed up to use a suite of Zutec products, including the CDE platform for use across its extensive construction projects – with a focus on Zutec’s Cloud and Field products.

The Zutec on-site QA platform allows Cairn’s design team, project managers, engineers and office staff to keep a handle on version control for architectural drawings, project status, site resourcing, quality standards, plans and check lists. Remote checking of inspection data is possible, meaning that snagging progress can be assessed at a distance, allowing for improved oversight of project progress and the ability to monitor subcontractor progress.

Executed according to project type, inspection and job checklists were previously complex and laborious to manage, and relied on protracted email-based communications to reach sign-off. Thanks to the Zutec platform, QA checklists are now standardised for build elements such as pre-pours, pre-casts, first fix partitions, waterproofing, windows, brickwork and render quality.

Duplication of work has been largely eradicated, and errors are less likely without the risk of deleted email threads or lost documents.

Zutec’s solution integrates with Cairn’s project management tool, Asta, which is a consolidated construction management template in use across all low and high-density sites.

“Together with our on-going business effectiveness projects, including standardisation of systems and processes, we are investing in the creation of a more unified product delivery platform to underpin our future scale,” said Michael Stanley, co-founder and CEO of Cairn.

“Zutec’s configurability has allowed for a bespoke construction management system to be tailored to our unique requirements, and has allowed us to modernise our methods of construction through on-site inspections. This is a vital resource as we scale our business.”

Zutec CEO said: “Our software is ideally suited for housebuilders and contractors alike. It [can] be used across document management, field use involving inspections and quality control and quality assurance. We are proud to be part of Cairn Homes’ digital strategy and we look forward to a strong partnership.”

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