Carbon management standard out for consultation

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The draft version of PAS 2080:2022 Carbon management in buildings and infrastructure is now out for consultation.

The industry has until 11 July to give feedback.

This PAS specifies requirements for the management of whole-life carbon in buildings and infrastructure, both for new projects or programmes of work and the management or retrofit of existing assets and networks.

PAS 2080:2022 is intended to:

  • align the built environment with the transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050;
  • encourage wider uptake of carbon management across the built environment;
  • ensure close collaboration between all members of the value chain;
  • recognise the importance of systems in transitioning to net zero, clarifying the role of each value chain member to control and influence decision-making;
  • reinforce the importance of the carbon reduction hierarchy for whole-life carbon reduction;
  • ensure the carbon implications from land use change and climate resilience are included in the carbon management considerations; and
  • streamline consideration of influencing carbon beyond the project/programme boundaries.
Specific feedback

In seeking feedback, the BSI specifically asks:

  • Does the PAS address the important points of whole-life carbon and systems thinking for transition to net-zero carbon?
  • Does it improve clarity and accessibility, particularly for those members of the value chain who may not yet be fully engaged?
  • Does it maintain focus on the urgent task of embedding effective carbon management in organisations and rapid carbon reduction across the sector?
  • Is it future-proofed against the rapid changes in climate-related policy, regulation and ambition at organisational, sectoral, national and international scale?

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