Cards with CSCS logos must become smart tech-compatible

All industry cards that carry the CSCS logo must be compatible with smart technology by 31 March 2022.

The Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) updated Industry Card Schemes Recommendation requires all CSCS Partner Card schemes to use smart technology that has the capability to electronically check agreed information relevant to a cardholder, using a common interface, without the need to manually enter data.

The aim is to ensure a consistent approach across the industry so that the information held by cards can be easily accessed by sites of all sizes and used to improve building quality and safety.

The CLC recommendation has been adopted across the industry since its introduction in 2015. Sites are asked to use the technology available to ensure cards are genuine and that workers have the appropriate qualifications and training for the occupation they are undertaking.

CSCS Partner Card schemes are at various stages of integrating smart technology and will be working with CSCS to determine the most effective means of meeting the CLC’s requirement by 31 March 2022.

CSCS is confident all 37 Partner Card schemes will meet the requirement by the deadline. However, when asked what will happen if a scheme is not ready in time, CSCS said: “If a card scheme refuses to comply with any CLC requirement, CSCS would be required to inform the CLC and in the worst-case scenario, permission to display the CSCS logo would be revoked. A card without the CSCS logo would be refused entry to site.”

CLC task force member Mark Reynolds said: “The need to validate and verify the training, qualification, skills and competence of construction workers has been brought into sharp focus since the Grenfell Tower fire. The CLC is keen to see technology used across the industry to enable everyone to access and use the information we hold to make better decisions.

“I would like to thank Build UK for carrying out and sharing the results of its annual Smartcard Audit, which identified the need to clarify the CLC recommendation, as well as CSCS and its Partner Schemes for their commitment and support to adopting smart technologies.”

Main image: a typical Thermal Insulation Contractors Association skillcard with CSCS logo.

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