Caterpillar launches remote control for construction plant

Caterpillar’s Cat Command remote control and semi-autonomous technology for construction plant has now been launched outside of the US.

The remote control provides full machine manoeuvrability from a safe distance when working in potentially hazardous environments. By removing the operator from the cab, it also eliminates machine vibration feedback felt by the operator, reducing fatigue.

Operating commands are sent directly to the machine’s electronics through a dedicated radio transmitter/receiver, resulting in real-time control.

A single operator can control multiple machines, one at a time, or change site location without travelling from the office to the machine, improving operating efficiency and reducing travel time and costs.

The line-of-sight Cat Command Console comes with a lightweight control console supported by a shoulder harness.

The Cat Command Station can be located onsite for line-of-sight operation or positioned miles away for non-line-of-sight applications. Its virtual cab features easy access allowing it to accommodate those with physical limitations, Caterpillar said, which helps to address current and future labour shortages by increasing the potential talent pool.

Main image: the Cat Command Station in action.

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