CDBB tackles built environment’s graduate digital skills gap

The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB), as part of the Construction Innovation Hub, is leading the Digital Capabilities for Early Career Built Environment Professionals project, a new collaborative initiative to identify and address the digital skills gap for recent graduates across all built environment disciplines.

The project has been developed in response to the need for early-career graduates in the built environment sector to develop a range of digital skills, knowledge and experience, and deliver digital transformation in a rapidly-evolving world.

Nicola Pearson, CDBB project lead, said: “There is evidence of a dual problem, which this project seeks to explore and address. First, the industry is missing out on talent as those with digital skills are choosing other sectors perceived to be more high-tech. There is also evidence that the digital skills that young people bring to the industry are undervalued and not utilised.

“We want to hear direct from recent graduates about their own experiences, as well as involving industry and academic institutions in helping to shape the solutions to these issues.”

The Graduate Digital Capabilities for Built Environment Professionals Project – which brings together a panel of experts from across the construction and infrastructure industries, technology companies and a range of universities and professional institutions – involves working with industry, professional institutions and academia to develop a graduate digital capabilities framework.

The framework will be used by companies, institutions, academia and other industry organisations to identify the digital skills, knowledge and experience required, and what might best be taught at university and in industry

As part of the project, the Design Council is hosting a series of workshops in December to identify the digital capabilities needed by recent graduates in built environment professions. 

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