Cemex launches smart tech for measuring concrete maturity

A photo of readymix concrete being poured - Cemex i-Con story
Image: UK Concrete

Cemex has introduced i-Con, a data-driven, digital solution designed to measure concrete maturity.

Cemex i-Con works with wireless Smartrock sensors placed within the concrete formwork, enabling contractors to monitor the concrete curing process (strength and temperature) from a smartphone in real-time. This eliminates the need to rely on field-cured cubes, according to Cemex, and enables contractors to make faster and more accurate decisions about when to remove formwork, apply loads, or pour concrete.

Cemex i-Con supports a range of concrete applications from high-rise buildings and crane bases, to cast-in-place construction, bridges, tunnels and precast.

The technology works across all Cemex concrete mixes and is part of the company’s suite of digital tools (including BIM plug-in software). The reports generated by i-Con can be used as part of BIM models, enabling users to upload detailed reports on concrete curing performance.

Cemex has the primary objective to become a net-zero CO2 company by 2050.

Mike Higgins, national technical manager at Cemex, said: “i-Con has been created to help our customers drive greater efficiencies on-site and make smarter, more informed decisions during the time-intensive and often complex process of concrete curing.

“i-Con is ideal for applications where rapid early strength is needed. When working with concrete, contractors plan for maturity development: dynamic visibility of this data means jobs may be finished ahead of schedule.”

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