Clash detection tool introduced by Asite

UK-based construction technology vendor Asite has added clash detection to the tools in its Adoddle BIM suite.

According to the company, this new function will enable designers to discover conflicts at an early stage of the project lifecycle, allowing for significant time and cost savings. Any problems will be able to rectified in an office without stepping on site. 

The new features supports two main types of clashes, a hard clash – when two components occupy the same space or two objects pass through each other. For example, a column running through a wall or pipework through a steel beam.

It can also deal with soft clashes, when objects encroach into geometric tolerances for other objects.

The tool lets users merge BIM models of various work sets for clash detection, discover and identify clashes between different non-proprietary software applications, examine the clash from multiple angles including adding mark-up and redlining, and initiate workflows to help collaboration and resolution within project teams.

It includes a clash browser enabling list summary of clash objects. Views of clashes can be captured in a 3D pane and used to initiate workflows, and attributes of clash objects can be displayed to help rectification.

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