CMS launches global BIM guide

Law firm CMS Cameron McKenna is launching a new free online BIM guide that covers a number of countries across the world including the UK, France, Brazil, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

While the UK has somewhat led the world in BIM promotion and adoption in the last few years, governments around the world have also started to realise its benefits and see it as vital part of the construction process, rather than an expensive optional extra. 

However, the extent to which BIM is adopted outside the UK, and the legal traditions and frameworks to be considered when implementing it, vary around the globe.  

With this in mind, CMS states: “We understand the need for businesses to look outside their home borders and to see how things are done internationally, to find inspiration and to seek out opportunities.”

The new BIM e-guide covers each of the following aspects across nine major jurisdictions:

  • The contractual implementation of BIM;
  • Liability and ownership rights;
  • Insurance;
  • The BIM Manager;
  • BIM and FM;
  • Mandatory use of BIM on public projects;
  • Measures to promote the implementation of BIM.

CMS has taken advantage of its legal experts and construction teams across the world to create the guide, which is available free to readers of BIM+ and Construction Manager at the firm’s e-guides hub

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