Colas adopts AI-based tech to enhance fleet safety

Image courtesy of Colas

Civil engineering contractor Colas will use AI-enabled dash cameras, in-vehicle driver coaching tools and data to enhance the safety of its fleet of vehicles.

Alongside its existing programme of annual driving behaviour training, Colas is now using Samsara’s AI dash cameras and driver coaching tools to reduce accidents, prevent false claims, and lower operating costs.

The video-based safety solution uses AI technology and g-force accelerometer data to provide insights to fleet managers in real-time. Some of these insights include: distracted driving detection; harsh braking and acceleration; and tailgating – all of which are used to prevent accidents before they occur.

This technology improves driver behaviour through audible in-cab alerts highlighting high-risk behaviours and events. Reports such as driver safety scores and risk analyses also enable driver coaching at scale and can help to incentivise safe driving. By using the Samsara driver mobile app, Colas can also establish driver-centric gamification and create rewards programmes for employees.

Colas has more than 800 vehicles in its fleet.

Facial Lahmamsi, executive director at Colas, said “Following our successful trial of the innovative Samsara technology, we are delighted to be working with them to take our driver safety to the next level. It will enable us to coach and support colleagues in improved driver behaviour as well as giving us a standardised approach to incident review and driver monitoring.”

In addition to building a fleet safety programme, Colas will leverage Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform to gain real-time visibility across the fleet, ensuring greater productivity through fuel and maintenance planning, asset and equipment monitoring, and cost reduction, including the ability to defend legal and insurance claims protecting employees, the business, and public safety.

“As companies continue to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and look for tools to increase the safety of their operations, video-based solutions that leverage AI to automate the detection of unsafe behaviours will make a significant impact,” explained Philip van der Wilt, vice president of EMEA at Samsara. “We look forward to providing Colas with the insights and real-time data they need to keep their drivers safe.”

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