Concrete printer now prints Covid-19 masks and open sources solution

Italian company WASP, widely known for its development of 3D printing to produce a variety of prototype concrete structures, has developed a 3D printing process that customises coronavirus protection masks.

By 3D-scanning an individual face, and using the material PCL (polycaprolactone), a biomaterial that can be used for direct skin contact, a perfectly-fitting mask can be created in four hours.

The company says: “Our goal was to make the mask perfectly ergonomic, following the facial features as a second skin, a result that we obtained using Blender CAD-modelling software. ‘My face mask’ can be easily sanitised and reused many times, as the central part features a replaceable filter. Because it only takes about four hours to customise a perfectly fit face mask, this reduces skin irritation and long-use related issues.”

WASP has released the project in open source, with instructions and the .stl files ready to be downloaded from the link below.

All the masks were printed using Delta WASP 4070 IND. 4.0.

See a video of the production method below

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