Createmaster Digital Retrofit targets asset owners with all-in-one data platform

Createmaster Digital Retrofit

Digital handover specialist Createmaster has launched Digital Retrofit, a platform designed to help asset owners pull disparate building information together in one place.

Digital Retrofit brings together existing siloed and disparate building information from in-use higher-risk buildings (HRBs) on to the Zutec platform.

Createmaster and Zutec are sister companies, both owned by the BuildData Group.

The Createmaster team processes, structures and categorises information in a flexible and proven template to provide consistency in information and facilitate the creation of a building safety case. Crucially, Createmaster says, users can evidence Building Safety Act compliance ahead of deadlines to register and deliver key building information to the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) by the end of September.

Permissions for the Zutec platform can be granted to stakeholders, including internal compliance teams, third party consultants, or the BSR.

James Cannon, commercial director at Createmaster, said: “With huge volumes of information and documentation for legacy building stock all over the place – disparate systems, formats, and states of completeness and quality – preparing for building safety obligations can be lengthy and difficult for the majority of asset owners and duty holders.

“The Building Safety Act now stipulates that HRBs are not just registered with the BSR by the end of September, but also that key building information is provided within 28 days of a building being registered to demonstrate and evidence building safety and Building Safety Act compliance.”

Journey to the golden thread

Cannon added: “With Createmaster and Zutec providing a single source of truth, all building information can now be accounted for in one cloud-based platform, using our comprehensive template to allow you to demonstrate regulatory compliance across a property portfolio, and support a safety case being built out.

“It achieves a digital record of current and historic data, including critical fire safety information, operations and maintenance manuals, as well as inspection reports and certificates, which can be reviewed, maintained and updated when required, on the journey to a golden thread of information.”

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