Daewoo brings in drone AI data specialist

Korean construction giant Daewoo has brought in a drone and photogrammetry specialist to help with its data management.

SPH Engineering, a drone services specialist, uses the Atlas management system, which will allow Daewoo Engineering & Construction has enlisted SPH Engineering to set up an online archive of drone imagery and photogrammetry products, track changes and generate reports, automate object detection, and measure the identified objects of interest.

“When we introduced Atlas back in spring, first we wanted to support our existing customers with an easy-to-use AI tool to store and process data collected with our software integrated to a unmanned aerial vehicle. We are proud that Daewoo Engineering and Construction has opted for our solution: the company has presented various ideas from the perspective of the actual construction company employee,” said Alexei Yankelevich, R&D director of SPH Engineering.

“Atlas will be a ground-breaking platform, especially in the field of construction survey. We’re going to grow further together,” said Geunmok Song, digital construction team manager at Daewoo.

Image: a screengrab of Atlas software in action.

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