Building safety: four ways to change industry culture

As part of the Digital Construction Summit’s debate on the Building Safety Bill (sponsored by i3PT Certification), the four panellists were asked: "What one thing would you like to see to help change the industry culture’s in order to successfully rise to the challenge of the Building Safety Bill?"

Paul Nash, chair of the CIOB Quality Commission:

"Awareness! It still surprises me how few people are aware of what’s coming down the tracks and the need for change. Awareness and education is key. We need to be actively promoting the good work that’s being done by organisations like Clarion [], those that are adopting the [‘golden thread’] principles. Don’t wait for legislation to make changes that are required now."

Vicki Reynolds, head of digital at i3PT Certification:

"I’d like to see project teams become more of an organisation in their own right, so that the needs of the project become more important than those of the individual organisations [that comprise the project team]."

Neil Thompson, programme lead at the Construction Innovation Hub:

"I’d like to see a key change around blame. While the Building Safety Bill provides a framework for whistle blowers, I think we need to be more pro-active than that – we need people to be confident enough to speak up and for the industry to have the cultural maturity to listen."

Matthew Lewis, senior technical manager (fire projects) at Clarion Housing Group:

"I’d like to see more collaboration and less silo working from design all the way through to managing the existing building. We all tend to work discretely, but we need to be thinking about the building across its life cycle."

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