DCW 2019: New BIM Framework launched as Digital Twin Hub set up

Leaders in digital construction have come together to establish a new framework setting out how BIM should be adopted in the UK as organisations transition to the new international ISO standard.

The UK BIM Alliance, BSI and the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) have set up a new website to provide information about the BIM Framework, which outlines the approach for implementing BIM in the UK using the framework to manage information provided by the ISO 19650 series.  

The website includes:

  • the published standards called upon to implement BIM in the UK;
  • the UK BIM Guidance Framework;
  • useful links to other resources.

Launching the UK BIM Framework at Digital Construction Week at Excel in London last week, Dr Anne Kemp (pictured above), chair of the UK BIM Alliance, said: “The work is a result of a massive collaborative effort, from many people over a long time, often on a voluntary basis. Thank you to all of you involved for the time and passion given. We hope you find the resources here useful in helping you on your journey to digital transformation.”

We are excited to partner with BSI to launch the DT Hub to provide industry with a test bed for secure, data sharing within and between digital twins.– Alexandra Bolton, Centre for Digital Built Britain

The UK BIM Framework is a vital foundation for future developments around the National Digital Twin. Also at DCW, CDBB announced it had appointed BSI as Hub Facilitator for a new Digital Twin Hub (DT Hub), a web-enabled community for early adopters, suppliers and creators of digital twins.

The establishment of the DT Hub is the latest in a number of high-profile deliverables for CDBB’s National Digital Twin Programme. Start-up funding for the DT Hub has been provided by the Construction Innovation Hub to align and accelerate industry development of digital twins.   

The DT Hub will launch with six pioneering organisations that own, or are developing, digital twins within the built environment. Organisations interested in joining the DT Hub can register their interest with CDBB.

BSI will create a collaborative web platform and curate the online and offline content generated by the community. CDBB and BSI will work with members of the DT Hub to develop exemplar use cases and demonstrators for digital twins and inform future standards and supporting guidance on digital twins and data sharing.

Alexandra Bolton, executive director of the Centre for Digital Built Britain, said: “The transformative potential of digital twins lies in connecting them together, providing greater insight through wider context. We are excited to partner with BSI to launch the DT Hub to provide industry with a test bed for secure, data sharing within and between digital twins.”

To register your interest in the DT Hub, please email [email protected]

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