Defect data: it’s time to share

Photo for defect data story: construction professional carrying out snagging
Image: Riopatuca |

The Construction Leadership Council is calling for clients and contractors to take part in a defect data pilot in partnership with the Get It Right Initiative.

The defect data scheme has been developed by engineering services umbrella body Actuate UK to help tackle defects at source to eventually remove the need for payment retentions.

The pilot is inspired by other successful data-gathering projects, such as those used to address health and safety issues, and late payment.

CLC said both these earlier schemes produced “tangible” results and had a “profound impact” on industry culture.

The defect data pilot will also focus on using anonymous data. Clients and contractors are invited to take part by sharing their project data, which is non-attributed.

This will help build a picture of why defects come about and how they can be eliminated.

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