Digital tech has ‘leading role’ in infra climate resilience, says award winner

Research on how digital technology can improve infrastructure climate resilience has won the Thorpe Medal of the European Council on Computing in Construction (EC3).

The paper, titled ‘Digital technologies can enhance global climate resilience of critical infrastructure’ was published in the Climate Risk Management journal in December last year.

The Thorpe Medal recognises practical or research aspects of engineering informatics in the built environment. The research was co-authored by a team of international experts including Professor of Structural Engineering Dan M Frangopol at Lehigh University in the US.

Frangopol said: “Existing and emerging digital technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins (DT), and machine learning (ML), as well as cutting-edge modelling, will play a leading role in developing and enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure systems to climate change.

“Leveraging expertise in these fields is key to guiding decision-making to achieve international economic and societal goals that depend on safe, reliable, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure systems.” 

The EC3 Thorpe Medal was created in honour of Antony Thorpe, a professor in construction information technology and co-founder of the community for mobile computing in construction.

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