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Having trouble finding the right new technology? Then a new digital technology ecosystem directory may be helpful.

Produced by the Built Environment Technology Association (BETA) in partnership with consultancy, Beaumont Bailey, the directory service provides an extensive listing of the world’s leading construction technology suppliers, from the best-known names to start-ups.

With the support of Procore, Build UK, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and technology implementation platform Sektor, the four distinct papers focus on the different RIBA stages. The first paper has been produced and naturally focuses on briefing and design (RIBA stages 0-2). It lists a total of 53 providers, including the likes of 3D Repo, Asite, Glider, Graphisoft, and Solibri. The listings include website addresses and, where available, contact emails.

The second paper will focus on pre-construction (RIBA stages 3-4), the third on manufacture and construction (RIBA stage 5) and the fourth on operations and maintenance (RIBA stages 6-7). The second paper is likely to appear before Christmas. The third and fourth papers are scheduled for Q1 2024.

A central resource for industry

George Dobbins, BETA founder, told BIMplus: “We were getting feedback that industry didn’t know what technologies existed and how to access them, and we thought there was a great opportunity to raise awareness by having a central resource.”

There is no requirement for technology providers to be BETA members, nor do they have to pay to be listed. “We wanted to make sure this is as inclusive as possible," said Dobbins. “But there are three main qualification criteria: providers need to achieve two in order to be listed. The criteria are the amount of funding raised, active references from clients, and the number of employees.”

Each paper features a section devoted to trailblazers. Dobbins defines these as those “that seem to be making greater progress or have stronger client recommendations”.

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