Do we really need another BIM event?

Yes, says Rob Charlton, one of the three founding partners of BIM Show Live – and if you need convincing about BIM you have a huge problem and are in denial.

BIM Show Live returns next year after a year out, but do we really need another BIM event?

Great question and I’m sure you know my answer. BIM Show Live is not another BIM event. We started over five years ago, before any of the others had been considered. This was an event for the community, by the community. There is a call for papers where the community decides the content. The brief is to talk about great projects and research so it can be shared with others.

We had a year off as we felt the content had slipped and we were getting the same old, same old. The event was huge and had been more commercial than we had hoped. The conference was never intended to make money and we would be delighted to break even.

Rob Charlton

Are BIM events mostly preaching to the converted?

We are not preaching, we are sharing. We are long past trying to convince people about a digital future. If you need convincing you have a huge problem and are in denial.

We have always been about sharing and next year’s event will ensure the sector continues to progress rather than rest on it laurels.

How do you aim to reach out to those not already engaged with BIM?

To be honest this is not our target market. Obviously, we are happy for anyone to attend and hopefully they will be inspired but this is about sharing innovative development and looking to the future. Leading edge, not trailing edge.

What’s the most interesting presentation you have ever seen at a BIM event?

I always like to hear from clients who have benefited from digital workflows. James Pellatt from Great Portland Estates has been a huge advocate and early adopter. He is passionate about outcomes rather than inputs.

I also found the talk by the McLaren F1 pit mechanic fantastic. It’s great to learn from other industries.

How will you make sure attendees will not be hearing the same presentations that they have heard before?

We have selected some fantastic keynote speakers. Some from industry some from other sectors. The classes are selected by a panel and only the best and most interesting will get through. No sponsors can buy a slot!

What can attendees to BIM Show Live expect to see and hear?

They will hear about the great work which has happened over the last five or more years. They will see the art of the possible not theory. They will hear a broad cross section of stakeholders, clients, designers, contractors, subcontractors, and operators.

There will be inspirational talks and views into the future. Delegates will go away having been inspired and informed.

We must not forget the very important social part of the conference too. Discussions outside the classes are as important as those within. The party and fringe events are famous, or should I say infamous!

Delegates will leave exhausted and ready to have another great year pushing our sector forward.

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