Digital Plan of Work launched in ‘beta’

NBS’s much-anticipated Digital Plan of Work was officially launched in front of a packed auditorium at the BIM Show Live in Manchester yesterday.

The free to use online guidance, which was initiated by the government’s BIM Task Group and funded by Innovate UK, is now live in its beta version here and can be freely trialled by the industry.

According to the NBS the Digital Plan of Work “provides step-by-step help to define, manage and validate responsibility for information development and delivery at each stage of the asset lifecycle.”

The NBS has produced a 90 second video – with an upbeat soundtrack – to promote the model-management tool. 

BIM + is inviting readers to investigate the Digital Plan of Work and let us know their thoughts on how it will impact their work. Will it be adopted as standard in the industry? What sort of users will find it most useful? What are the most helpful features, and are there any gaps? Are the ads useful or annoying? Email any reactions to Tom Ravenscroft.

Arup associate director and BIM specialist Casey Rutland has highlighted the positives of the new DPOW – and also some potential issues – in a blog posting here.

“It’s great, but implementing it may be a challenge – and when I say implementing it, I mean the calculations people will do in their heads as soon as we describe what it is… The instant conclusion will be that it’s an unnecessary overhead.

"This, as you can imagine is a short-sighted view but one that many thousands or ‘ordinary’ project delivery staff will have. With a sensible approach to use of the tool, we can persuade people to use it and it will soon become and essential project resource for all involved," he argued. 

First impressions of the new guidance tool from Terry Gough, BIM champion at Kent County Council, David Miller, director at David Miller Architect, Hugh Henderson, director of consultancy at Mace Macro and Rebecca De Cicco, director at Digital Node are included in a previous story here.

Here’s a selection of Twitter reactions below:

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