Dutch University ‘grows a car’ from natural materials

A team from the Eindhoven University of Technology has created Lina, a 300kg car whose chassis, bodywork and interiors are all made from natural materials.

For the chassis, the team used a substance formed by resin and reinforced by natural fibres, as well as a biodegradable plastic created by natural substances rather than petroleum.

Other materials used included sugar beet enveloped in sheets of flax.

The car is powered by modular battery packs and has a top speed of 80 km/h. It is certified by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority as roadworthy and can carry four people.

The Eindhoven team says that “in terms of its strength-weight ratio, the bio-composite is comparable with fibreglass but manufactured in a sustainable way”. 

Lina can be unlocked with a smartphone and can recognise the user’s personal settings such as music playlists or phone contacts.

Image courtesy of Eindhoven University of Technology

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  1. Also check out the “organic*” car made by Henry Ford after WWII using soya protein etc. grown in Brazil.
    * It wasn’t called that, back then!

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