Easter egg hunt drives use of University’s digital models

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The University of Warwick has devised a novel and timely approach to encourage engagement with its building models: an Easter egg hunt.

University systems and digital information manager Brett Plant thought the solution would help address a problem that “many estates departments across the higher education sector [face]: we have several building models that have been delivered as part of our capital project practical completion handover stages, [and] these models don’t often get used, revised or showcased enough internally”.

The Easter egg hunt solution allows Plant to raise awareness that the models exist, “potentially crowd source some knowledge about the model accuracy, while getting our colleagues familiar with using them”.

One of the University of Warwick models (Easter eggs not shown!)

He explained: “Using a free Autodesk Revit viewer, we’ve allowed colleagues to navigate through the models, virtually walking the building in search for a golden yellow egg. Yes, we turned features off such as ‘explode’ to avoid any cheating! The prize for finding one of the 50 eggs hidden throughout? A real chocolate Easter egg!

“Hopefully a bit of early Easter fun will allow us to generate interest and awareness of our BIM models, creating conversation about how we should be receiving such models and the data-rich information within them in the future to improve our operational efficiency – a resource we know that needs to be used more often in our vision to move towards digital twins and a smart campus.”

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