Elecosoft releases updated collaboration and planning software

Elecosoft has released Powerproject Vision in the UK, its new cloud-based collaboration and construction planning software solution, following testing with three major UK construction companies.

Powerproject Vision is based on a customised version of Powerproject that has been developed in co-operation with the Department of Transport for the State of Pennsylvania and in close collaboration with UK Powerproject users.

It is claimed that the software will deliver efficiency gains and improved consistency across the planning process by providing improvements in controlling workflow and access to information.

Powerproject Vision meets the needs of organisations with multiple users in different locations and offers a controlled programme management environment. This ensures consistency and transparency via a web-based data platform.

Derek O’Neil, head of planning at Careys Civil Engineering, commented: “Powerproject Vision enables us to view live project data across all our projects, bringing greater transparency and consistency. It will help our planners to focus on the day job and not be distracted by lengthy reporting processes, whilst allowing the wider business to understand project status at a glance.”

Key functionalities of Powerproject Vision include:

  • Highly configurable centralised file management and storage of Powerproject schedules;
  • Access via any web browser and from within the Powerproject software;
  • Project planning workflow enforcement, controlling project creation, review, approval, baselines and amendments;
  • Version control and change management;
  • Storing of approved project templates;
  • Automated business intelligence data extraction across all files;
  • Ability to structure according to company organisation, such as regions, business units or divisions.
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